This App Will Help You Prepare Now

Download our app today and prepare yourself for the civil unrest that is looming over us.

  • Always Available

    If you purchase our survival kit, you'll have an external back-up power source, solar charger, and waterproof case because our app can't help you if the phone is dead.

  • Network Independent

    If the grid goes down, you won't have access to a network signal or Internet access. Our app operates independent of both and will utilize GPS to help you navigate.

  • Integrated Community

    Connect with other app users who are part of the community. Build a relationship and a plan with others before unrest occurs.

Features that help you Survive

Check out some of the great features in our Outdoor Survival App. You'll find tested techniques that will help you survive outdoor emergency situations.

  • Survival Techniques

    Build a shelter, find food, sterilize water and find your way out.

  • Relevent Content

    GPS determines your location and presents the correct survival techniques.

  • Video Tutorials

    Minutes count so we SHOW you what to do or you can read if you want.

  • Community

    Join the community of like-minded individuals so we can all work together.

  • Medical Alerts

    Customize your app with appropriate medical alerts for first responders.

  • Our Kit

    It's more than just an app, it's a community and a hardware kit to keep your phone ready.




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